Rate Description

Description of document translation: (Unit: RMB/1,000 characters)

●   Translation workload is based on the number of Chinese characters counted by the computer. For the standard WORD document, the column 'Number of characters (excluding spaces)' in the WORD 'toolbar' shall prevail, and the manual counting shall be adopted for the electronic manuscript, and the counting standard is the same as that of the computer;

●   500 words or less will be charged per piece; the price for English to Chinese translation is RMB 100 per piece, and RMB 150 per piece for Chinese to English translation; lesser-known languages are negotiated separately; 500-1,000 words are charged according to 1,000 words; beyond 1,000 words, it is charged according to actual workload;

●   Special specialty (national standard/industrial standard/patent/biological/pharmaceutical/legal/advertising) and lesser-known language materials, price and time are separately determined;

●   An expedited fee of 20-50% is charged for documents that are immediately required, within eight hours and beyond the normal delivery time;

●   Series documents in English are charged according to the repetition rate of the content;

●   No charge for graphic production if there is no special requirements, but other requirements are subject to negotiation;

●   Free terminology database is established for long-term customers and customers with a large volume of translation workload;

●   On-site text proofreading and text entry services can be offered and the rate is subject to negotiation;

●   Printing and graphic design services can be provided and the rate is subject to negotiation.

Description of interpretation (Unit: RMB/day/person)

●   The consecutive and simultaneous interpreters need to be booked one week in advance and sign a service agreement;

●   8 hours is concerned as one working day, less than 4 hours is charged as half day; simultaneous interpretation is charged separately;

●   Simultaneous interpretation task must be completed by two interpreters each time;

●   If you need the interpreter to travel out of Beijing, the fee should be increased by 20%, and you need be responsible for the interpreter's accommodation, transportation and safety expenses;

●   The price of simultaneous interpretation for non-English and special circumstances will be negotiated separately;

●   Simultaneous interpretation equipment can be provided upon request.