Finishing touches by Native Speaker
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Finishing touches by native speaker is an essential part for non-native English speakers to contribute to international journals (usually SCI-indexed journals). The purpose of finishing touches by native speaker is to avoid literal ambiguities and to save reviewers' time in reviewing the paper, thus improving the success rate for publication as well as the quality of the paper.

At present, the review criteria of international journals are similar, and the judgment criteria focuses on language expression, writing quality, logical structure and scientific value, as well as originality, scientific research ability, clarity of views, and overall structure, etc.

A good SCI academic paper should be high quality and authentic in language. In the process of revising SCI papers, we read them again and again, and make them better and better. We actively and proactively deal with and respond to the finishing touches, and not vaguely to deal with it. An excellent piece of SCI academic paper can be delivered to you after careful finishing touches and polishing.

Our team can offer you native language finishing touches services according to your purpose and application scenarios.

Information for Customer

Translation workload is based on the number of Chinese characters counted by the computer. For the standard WORD document, the column "Number of characters (excluding spaces)" in the WORD "toolbar" shall prevail, and the manual counting shall be adopted for the electronic manuscript, and the counting standard is the same as that of the computer;

The text and image contents of the commissioned manuscript must be clear. Otherwise, we will confirm with you one by one, which will not only delay the translation time, but also cause ambiguity;

Please entrust us with the confirmed documents. Any further changes or additions or deletions to the original document during the translation process will disrupt the translation process and cause great inconvenience to the translator. In the event that the customer notifies the deletion or termination of the translation, the translation costs already incurred will be borne by the customer;

Please assist us in providing the necessary reference data. This not only be more suitable for your company's needs on the premise of ensuring the accuracy of the translation, but also save time and energy in translation. These references generally include: previous translations, terminology, idiomatic expression in your business and your company, etc.

Please provide a reasonable amount of time for the translation. Translation is a demanding and knowledge-intensive mental work. Even for experienced translators, the amount of workload they can complete in one day is limited, and let alone that includes proofreading and DTP;

We are only responsible for the accuracy of the translation. We are not responsible for the source, content and use of the original text, or for the direct and indirect consequences of the translation in the course of its use;

The translation agreement and commission sheet are official contractual documents, so please fill them out completely. Please also fill in the remark column with the format, font, font size, binding, storage and other requirements of the translation, as well as the proprietary names of relevant persons, places, institutions, etc.

We keep the confidentiality of all customers' originals and translations. If you have special confidentiality requirements, we can sign a confidentiality agreement with you, and the confidentiality measures adopted shall be subject to the contents specified in the confidentiality agreement;

We can provide free trial translations for large projects over 100,000 Chinese characters, but only up to 500 Chinese characters;

We provide long-term translation service agreement for customers to sign. After signing the long-term agreement, customers can enjoy preferential prices, translation prioritized and other conditions, which is more favorable to our long-term and stable cooperation.