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Committed to offering competitive translation services for enterprises, institutions and consumers both domestic and abroad

Beijing Huayun Medical Translation Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as 'Huayun Translation') is a professional translation service provider particularly strong in technical translation. Based on its talented staff. solid customer base, strict quality management system and efficient workflow control, Huayun Translation has earned its fame in the translation industry of Beijing.

Founded in 1998, Huayun Translation is located in Zhongguancun High-tech Park, adjacent to many universities and research institutes. With strong language skills and technological support, we can satisfy clients’ requirement and provide quality and timely translation services.

Huayun Translation implements a system of responsibility by project manager to assure the quality of its translation works. During the progress of every translation job, the project manager keeps control over every link and procedure to have a clear idea of how the job goes. All links and steps of translation jobs divided according to languages and specialties, are completed by Huayun Translation competent employees. After years of hard work, Huayun Translation has established a completed corporate structure composed of the management, a business department, a customer service department, a translation department, a proofreading department, a document processing department, a color printing department, a foreign affairs department and a financial department.

Huayun Translation boasts a work team consisting of translation experts, senior translation proofreaders, foreign advisors, senior engineers and international lawyers from various ministries, colleges, scientific research institutes and well-known transnational corporations. Before formal onboarding, all the translators of Huayun Translation are subject to the strict examination of their skills and qualifications. The large specialized and diversified translation team of Huayun Translation distinguishes it from other translation service providers.

Aiming at helping customers stride over language barriers and promoting commercial globalization, Huayun Translation has provided high quality translation service to, and established long-term partnership with, many domestic government organs, domestic enterprises, transnational corporations and foreign embassies in China. To safeguard the interests of customers, Huayun Translation signs a translation agreement and a confidentiality agreement with each customer in addition to an order for translation service. Huayun Translation always follows the principle of having one translation job done by as few as possible translators to ensure the whole translation is consistent in both style and wording, without regard to the volume of the job.

Normalized operation process and strict quality control system make us win the trust of many domestic and foreign customers, and obtain the qualification approval and high praise from relevant industry association and state organs. We have been uniting the same trade to strengthen advantages and build a splendid future. Meanwhile, we also hope that all the social circles can cooperate with us and give us support and encouragement.

Be friendly with people, and have a strong sense of responsibility. Ever since its foundation, Huayun Translation has accomplished the remarkable achievements under the supports and attentions from the relevant departments and clients in all fields. With the connection between China economy and world economy, we believe that, through actively taking part in the competition, further strengthening enterprise interior management and adhering to our service standard of 'Accurate, Timely, Cost-effective and Perfect', Huayun Translation will definitely reach another new level and make contributions to the internationalization of China economy.

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Business Introduction

Specializing in medical translation for twenty-three years, we provide long-term and stable translation service for Fortune 500 medical enterprises

Specializing in medical translation for twenty-three years, we provide long-term and stable translation service for Fortune 500 medical enterprises

Beijing Huayun Medical Translation Technology Co., Ltd., specializing in medical translation for twenty-three years, has provided long-term and constant translation services for Fortune 500 medical enterprises, covering a number of major business segments such as professional translation & interpretation, video translation and production as well as translation for localization.

Professional translation: it involves the core business fields of medical devices: product technical specifications, standard and certificates for product registration, clinical study protocols, reporting literatures, software, rules and regulation as well as policies, etc., covering more than 30 languages including English, Japanese, German, French and Russian. Huayun Translation was the first of its kind in formulating complete and standardized SOPs, and has a self-developed OA cooperative office system equipped with a professional document server management system, which enables the standardized use and archiving of all translation materials and ensures across-the board electronic and traceable management.

Professional interpretation: we provide, as requested, simultaneous interpretation services as well as interpretation for discussions at meetings, business negotiation, and liaison interpretation. Video translation includes Audio & Video listening and translation, information processing, dubbing, animation effects production, etc. Localization translation includes website translation, multilingual software localization and language testing services.

Huayun Translation: It is not only a member of China Translation Association, but also one of the few enterprises that have passed ISO9001, ISO27001 and ISO13485 certifications. Huayun Translation follows strictly the procedure of “Analysis”, “Schedule”, “Assignment”, “Translation”, “1st Proofreading”, “2nd Proofreading”, “Final Review”, “Submission”, “Feedback” and “Summary”. Huayun's professional terminology database is supplemented and updated on a timely basis as well as archived and maintained regularly to ensure the accuracy, timeliness and practicality of technical terminology for expressiveness & elegance faithfulness translation.

Customized translation service: we will, for certain products/customers, set up special project team, composed of dedicated senior translators with professional background, fixed senior proofreaders and quality reviewers with professional background and experience. Huayun Translation is always ready to understand what customer need, and will try to satisfy customer's special request.